Story, Durban

Walking into Story Durban in 3 Lumsden Crescent, Morningside (same property as the Emakhosini Hotel), it is both elegantly breathtaking, yet inviting. Mammoth columns line the stairs to the front doors, with fountains and a large overhead chandelier. It’s something right out of, well, a story book.

Within the entrance sit many antique collections of chairs, couches and coffee tables, dwarfed by crisp white walls and a double volume ceiling. And more chandeliers. In the restaurant, I was seated before one of their regular tables with fresh white table cloth and comfortable yet formal seating. I glanced temptingly over at one of the booths, adorned with countless cushions, but was pleased with my own seating choice.

My waitress Phumi provided me with a menu. Designed as a small booklet, it told a…story. Simple and yet refined, the menu was uncomplicated. The bar/lounge area at Story is truly stunning. Set on an impressive wooden backdrop that displayed the varied and yet reasonably priced spirit and wine selection in style, I could imagine myself enjoying one of their whiskey, single malt or brandy/cognac offerings in the lounge after a long week of work. I later found out that they even have their own library, which works on trade system: bring a book, take a book.

For a starter, I ordered the Arrancini. Three crispy golf balls of heaven, beautifully plated with parmesan wafers hint of lemon and little dollops garlic aioli with dried garlic and tomatoes. Perfectly seasoned and cooked, with a crisp outer coating and smooth guacamole. A fresh and exciting dish. The ‘walking wine list’ offered wine options by the glass, and so I ordered a Bon Courage Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc that perfectly paired with my plate.

For my main course, I selected the Blue Wildebeest Venison. Only served medium rare (the only way), it was grilled faultlessly. I’d eaten blue wildebeest before and been put off, but this offering has converted me right back. With a chilli chocolate drizzle, lemon chocolate soil, and dried orange, it created a clean bite to the tender, gamey meat. I chose a Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with this item.

For my final dish, I opted for the Pistachio Creamacotta. Delicately dressed upon its plate with a stunning spun sugar decoration and with just the right amount of ‘jiggle’, this is a fun, fantastic is a new favourite of mine.

The Executive Chef at Story is Damian, who came around to each table to check on their dining experience. We spoke for a short while and he explained that only the freshest ingredients are selected. We discussed how they brine their chicken for 3 days and wet age their venison which just add the extra tenderness to the meats. Damian is quite young but has worked in several of Durban’s top kitchens.

This Story is one worth telling. Visit Story’s glamorous, yet welcoming restaurant and tell us your own.

3 Lumsden Crescent, Morningside | 031 827 8679 |

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