The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty

Authentic home recipes

A group where you can share recipes, ask advice on cooking, share photos of you food, share tips on how to make the perfect meal. Whether you need to cook a Sunday roast, or something to satisfy a sweet craving, ask and find here.

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• You name the establishment. It serves no purpose to compliment/complain about a venue with no name. It also helps other guests and stops multiple comments asking for name, location, etc.

• You are clear and concise. If something was good, say why, likewise if something was bad, please elaborate. Why was it bad? Slow, sloppy, cold, etc.

• You are truthful. Omitting facts is the same as not telling the truth. Please bear in mind that there is a good chance that another guest, owner or staff member may also be on this group and can tell another side of the story.

• We love seeing photos, so please try include some.

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• The relevance of the post or comment to the core ideology of the group.

• The extent to which others will understand what is being said.

• The extent of swear words, the degree of insulting language and the severity of the tone of the comment towards either the group, a group of people, or an individual.

• Spam in the form of unauthorised advertisements, click-bait schemes or virus-based spam posts.

• Any posts or comments insinuating food poisoning or the like without pathological proof i.e. a lab report.

• Racist, sexist, offensive and abusive comments. Comments and individuals will be removed without warning.

• Any advertisements/community posts/etc. that have not been authorised by admins/moderators will be removed. Should you wish to post any of the above, please email

• Any votes on competitions that form part of an establishment’s “Vote for Us” competition will be disqualified.

• Any shared posts of other experiences. Only first-hand experiences are allowed.

• Please respect other people’s views and beliefs, and take the time to consider your impact on others when making your contribution.

• Please do not post your reviews in other people’s post as comments, please rather write your own review.

• Members who abuse the group and the comments facility by posting under aliases, or who simple post to incite arguments on the group will be warned and then removed should they persist.

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